Communication Problem via Vexnet

We are having problems with communication from cortex to joystick via vexnet keys. When wiring this straight cortex to joystick via A to A cable it works perfectly. However we cannot connect via the vexnet keys.

On key #1 the blue light is steady.

On key #2 the blue light is steady for first few seconds, but it is flashing after on. :mad:

In addition, we also upgraded the firmware on the cortex and joy stick via the vexnet firmware upgrade utility and on the robotc program. Since that did not work either, we tried manually update the firmware for robotc and master CPU and we upraded the vexnet joystick software too.

to me … that sounds like a damaged key … my general rule for vexnet keys is … if it works on a-a … and things like batterys/firmware are all good … then it is vexnet !

try 2 swap out keys … if not msg vex and they might RMA them …

i am looking at buying an additional set of keys just in case for this year after all the problems i had last year

Sounds like a VEXnet key problem to me also. You can call VEX’s support number and I believe they replace the keys free of charge.

Also check to make sure the ‘VEX Cortex Communication Mode’ menu option (under the Robot menu in ROBOTC) is set to either ‘VEXNet or USB’ or ‘Competition’ (if using the competition template). Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

It doesnt work even with the setting directed to “Vexnet or USB” mode. I think it most probably is the keys.

Another vote for bad keys.