communication range

Does anyone know the maximum communication range/distance between the Vexnet microprocessor and the controller in an outside open area environment?
is there a way to boost or increase the range?

Maximum range should be similar to general purpose wifi, so 100’ or more under optimal conditions.

Usual radio antenna practices probably help, where antenna == Vexnet USB key.

  • don’t wrap your antennas in metal foil
  • keep antennas away from other metal
  • higher locatation for antenna is better
  • some people report good success with using a short 6-12" USB extention wire between cortex and vexnet key.

As you experiment and find a maximum range,
you might see of orientation of the vexnet key on robot
or orientation of the vexnet controller
make any difference in the range.

I thought about mounting the antenna/USB key on a rod extended in the air. But beyond that, I was curious if there was a way to boost the signal as well. Looks like I’ll be running some tests this weekend.
Appreciate your response.

Well, we seem to get very good range on our robot, we got a 15 cm extension cable and mounted the vexnet key on the arm … seems to work well.

Hey if you hsve the 2.4 ghz connextors and you use a csntenna you can increae the range dramatically we have a range of a 180 yards
Cantenna=can antenna