Communication with Android smartphone

Which is the best way to communicate with an Android smartphone?
Is there Bluetooth or just the radio module option?
Any hardware expansion can be used to achieve communication?
Can a serial BT module be connected to the smart ports?


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Currently there is no Bluetooth option available for VEX IQ. The VEX IQ 900 MHz (North/Central/South America only) and 2.4 GHz Radios (worldwide) are the only current wireless communication protocols currently supported between the Robot Brain and the Controller. The reason for not including Bluetooth in the base kit version of the Robot Brain was to keep this kit affordable and to provide a low barrier of entry to classroom and community users.

In the coming months we plan to release the information needed (wiring diagram and I2C communication API calls) for the community to create and interface their own custom sensors and devices with the VEX IQ Robot Brain through the twelve 6P6C smart ports. There is nothing hardware-wise that would prevent Bluetooth or Wifi or Zigbee modules from being interfaced with the Robot Brain in this manner.

We are always looking to improve these kits and provide the best possible customer experience, both inside and out of the classroom. We are excited at the possibility of enhanced communication with devices with as smartphones, tablets, and computers, and are open to ideas and suggestions for future enhancement of the VEX IQ system.


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