Community Answer: Scoring Question

Someone asked this in the official Q&A, and I wanted to get this answer out to them so that they have a good event.

I believe this has been answered and clarified before, and the answer is that the object DOES count. As long as some part of the object is within the vertical projection of the circular base of the cylinder, it counts.

The distinction comes into play that an object must be resting in the physical cylinder in order to be protected by descoring.

So for the object that you have mentioned, the game piece counts, but it is susceptible to descoring.

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  • Sunny G.

Sunny, while the ball or barrel will count (as long as it is not balanced on two goals), I am concerned about this part of your statement:

I will quote the game manual here to make it clear:

If the ball or barrel that kens_vex98 was talking about was not balanced on two goals, it meets criteria 2:

But your definition:

is in direct violation of the game manual. If the scoring object is fully below the top of the goal, it must be completely withing the outer ring of the goal. If you look at the associated picture in the manual, you can see that a scoring object fully below the top of the goal and only partially within the outer ring of the goal is not considered scored. Just thought that I should clear that up.

you know reading the manual before competition really helps clarify most misconceptions :wink: and most Official Q and A is repeated and could be easily answered my the community on the forums so if you need the answer quick ask on the general forum we usually know what were talking about

The point would count since it is in the vertical projection of the goal.
Lpoks like I was too slow. XD

did you read post #2?
there is no “vertical projection” in this year’s game