Community Clarification on Rule <G1>

Dear commoners and other subordinates,
I have a question about the Vex Sack attack rules, rule <G1> states:

This rule seems quite ambiguous to me. Does this mean that every rule should be interpreted as whatever makes sense to the majority of commoners present at individual competitions? Does this mean people of blue-blooded, royal decent (myself for example) are not allowed an opinion on the rules, or should merely keep said opinion to oneself? This is preposterous!

I feel this may be an oversight in the rules, and they should perhaps be redefined as “uncommon sense” or simply “what the royal parties present deem to be correct”, as this worked for many thousands of years in feudal England, and commoners tended to have a good understanding of ploughing fields, playing the lute, shepherding, Ale consumption and the suchlike, none of which relate to an aggressive 5 second pinning violation.

I don’t really want to get my daddy (a Duke of Sealand) involved in this, but I feel the Lords, Earls, Marquesses and Barons present at Vex robotics competitions aren’t being shown a level of dignity and esteem commensurate with their standing, and I hope that the Vex Robotics Competition organisers will work to change this immediately.

As the son of a Duke you will no doubt be aware of the Parliament Act of 1911 that in essence gives all the power of decision making to the House of Commons (comprised of elected commoners) and reduces the ability of the Lords to delay decision making at best.

This is definitely a troll. Look at his other posts.

I know, but it is mildly entertaining.

Common in this case does not refer to commoners. This extremely reliable source will tell you that it is more to do with using one’s judgement.

As something of an expert on the subject myself, I have observed that due to the rather practical nature of common sense, persons in privileged positions are not always the most competent users of it.

If I may, I would go so far as to suggest that in these matters it is generally recommended to do thorough research before attempting to construct an argument, lest one finds oneself misled. No person, especially one of peerage, wishes to inadvertently become so embarrassed in public. Indeed, one could even say that it was common sense.

Yo, wat up <G1>?

Wats crackin in da hood?

will tell you that it is more to do with using one’s judgement.

Well, seeing it is on the internet, then there is no arguing with that!

to us, common sense =
“if this can help us win and isnt explicitly outlawed in the law book, then OBVIOUSLY DO IT!”
common sense dictates that you SHOULD add a feature that will help you win :wink: