Community Outreaches...

I handle a lot of the PR things for my team, and I am wondering what everyone else does for the Community Award and the Future Award… Particularly the two teams that won at Dallas… I know I worked really hard on ours, which means they worked even harder on theirs… Just wondering what I can do differently next year, and what else I can learn from this year…

If I can, I would really appreciate lists of outreaches that the team does… Below is a list of this year’s outreaches… This is most of what we have done… And for most of these demonstrations, we usually let kids drive at least one of our robots… Do any of y’all do that?

• Home Educators Association of Virginia State Convention and
Educational Fair, Richmond, VA, 6/ 09
• Mission Trip to Matamoras, Mexico with Lighthouse Worship
Center-multiple locations. See page 11 for
• BOSH Global – Demonstrated the robot for a local company, 4/8
• Gave a presentation for the Gloucester County Board of Directors
about the importance of robotics and possible funding, 4/6
• GAITE – Helped with and demonstrated at a Governors Academy
middle-school day held on NASA Langley Research Center,
demonstrated for the Secretary of Education of Virginia, 3/27
• Demonstrated the robot for a local chapter of the Armed Forces
Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), 3/25
• Virginia Air and Space Center, demonstrated the robot, and gave a
small presentation on the future of robotics, 3/13
• Engineers Night – Demonstrated the robot at an elementary school
for 3rd – 5th graders, 2/18
• Virginia Air and Space Center (hands-on demo), 12/1
• NASA Langley Research Center Colloquium (demo for the
employees on-base), 12/1
• Magazine and newsletter articles – Submissions to publications in
Arizona, California, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, and
Washington, and more nation-wide publications with a focus on
Virginia publications. (with more still underway…)
• Virginia FTC committee members and FRC, FTC and VEX event volunteers

Also, what kind of goals do y’all set for outreaches? I personally set a goal to reach a quarter of a million people… Just wondering what the PR/Outreach people do on the thousands of other teams besides mine… :stuck_out_tongue:

We go to science fairs at local elementary schools (I assume it’s similar to your Engineers Night, except it includes more sciences than engineering, whatever the students choose to investigate). With a nice suggestion from Rick TYler, we’re planning on doing some Hexbug fundraising in the future at these venues.

We also go to local festivals (e.g. Farmer’s, Strawberry, Arts festivals). We also go to some charity events, such awareness events for various diseases, etc. We’ve gone to FLL events, and are planning on getting some contacts for school board meetings and going to middle schools for assemblies etc.

Overall, we’re pretty active since we’re a considerably large team (the entire club VEX + FRC is about 50 people, with about 5-10 members dedicated to public relations).

Wow… 5-10 just for PR? I wish I had just one other person to help me… See, there are 7 (and shrinking) members on our team…

Do you guys keep track of how many people you reach? How many teams you help start? How many teams you have mentored?