Community Survey - Week 1

Hey guys! It has been a while since I have posted/been active on the Community Forums. I figured, what better way to get back into it than to take a survey. I’m thinking about making this a weekly poll just to see how everything is going for other teams. This will be a weekly survey that will hopefully be released every Monday. Stay tuned! :smiley:

Survey of the Week
How many Competitions are teams planning on going to? (Local and Out of State)

As of now, our team is weighing out competition options. So far we see the potential to attend 5-8 competitions, excluding state, national, and world competitions.

we are looking at about 1 league and 4 competitions not including regionals and worlds

For me it’ll probably be: 2 regionals, 3 skills and practice scrimmage, provincial, bcit, and hopefully worlds.

I think a team can only attend one regional/state event that they qualify for. This is explained in the qualifying criteria document for VRC.

Sorry, these two regionals don’t qualify for anything but they are organized compitetions.

We are going to 6 competitions this year.

About 5 qualification events at least +1 if we host +2 for states and worlds

7 if we host one but it will be all skills.

8, all of which will be in Indiana.

Middle school: 3 are planned in our area as of now, then states and hopefully onward. We need more events though
High School: 4-5 events then states and onward

Will have to look at hosting skills open house events if we don’t get enough takers.

Typically, my six teams will compete in league, plus 5-6 events not counting State, the US Open or Worlds.

Hopefully, we’ll compete in 6-8 competutions in Arizona, not including state or higher.

So far we have registered for four events, three of which are in South Texas. Not much going on in North Texas for us for some time. We love south Texas, but 4-5 hour drives take their toll. This does not include state and worlds (hopefully).

We are going to try and attend 12-15 events this year with two of those being TSA and SkillsUSA. The sad thing for us is the majority (8-10) of the events are out of State since Illinois is one of those funny long shaped states and we are away from most of the State events.

:o Oh my! I think our furthest competition was last year, and it was only 4 hours. I feel for you guys. That shows how dedicated you are to win though!

Historically, my high school teams had always attended 6 regular season events, and then if possible, regional’s and worlds. Some of us were allowed to take our robots and compete at more competitions, though we did this undercover and the school couldn’t know (out of liability reasons).

I think my team in particular managed up to 8 or 9 events in a season, and then regional’s and worlds afterwards.

We hope to see you at our KIDS Inc tournaments.

We plan on competing in 5 or 6, but not competing in the two we are hosting. The ones we host will be an opportunity for the team to learn the other side of things and learn to serve others.

As a team we typically we attend 7-9 events including regionals and nationals.