Community Survey-Week 2

Welcome to a new week guys! Sorry i did not get this out yesterday, but I was not at school. Anyways, how is everyone? A new week means a new community survey! This weeks question is:

What kind of launcher is your robot using? What are the pros and cons of this type of launcher?

Personally, our robot is a launch bot. Meaning it passive intakes the stars and cubes, and launches them in to the far zone of the opposing side.

Catapult and fork intake. Kinda like 8059D but very different… you’ll see…

I like it! “Kinda like, but very different” hahaha :smiley:

4 bots, 5 scoring devices
1082A - 6 Bar and Fork
1082B - Catapult a la Ri3D (Side Rollers & 4 Bar in development)
1082C - Hold all Stars and dump at end
1082D - Dumper

Which of these robots, in your opinion, is the best? Which one is the most effective for scoring?

@RealSteel-Michael None of them are particularly the best, but they all have they’re Pros and Cons
1082A - 6 Bar reaches super high, hard to grab more than 2 stars or even a cube with fork
1082B - Catapult allows for quick scoring, no defense
4 Bar reaches high enough, side rollers have more points of failure but much better object manipulation
1082C - Design is ridiculously complicated, interesting challenges, will have a high win rate if not blocked and actually works -_-
1082D - Super quick scoring, turn around time and meh defense, is easily blocked by stars against the wall

Does 1082C have to unfold the greatest bin of all time? I am not doubting you, but it seems unlikely that it has the capabilities to hold all 24 stars. I would very much appreciate it if you could prove me wrong because this has piqued my interest.

@NightsRosario So the entire robot is a bin, and it folds out to twice it’s width and height. It is definitely the most far out design, and its been an interesting process. It also has a small tether bot which comes out at the beginning of the match and feeds the big bin. It has the ability to hold all the stars on the field, albeit a bit awkward and requires a lot of maneuvering.

Our robot is just dumper with a direct drive holonomic x drive with an 8 motor 6 bar lift. #Overkill :stuck_out_tongue: We’re planning on making our second robot a u drive with a six bar lift and side rollers.

Can you post pic or videos of this huge dumper that Hold all Stars and dump at end

Or you could figure it out yourself? Who remembers when people here didn’t just ask a team for specs on their design and actually tried building it themselves? Only me, ok…

the 1082C design sounds amazing, but was wondering if a concept image could be shown, personally i am interested in seeing how it works as it seems quite a unique design


Once we have the full basket expansion I’ll post a vid, but the mini-bot will be a surprise for later;)

Sweet! Looking forward to it!