Compact 2-speed transmission?

I’m doing a school project where we have to make dune buggies to race, but when trying to make a 2-speed transmission all the designs were too large to be practical, does anyone know any compact 2-speed transmission designs?

As this is IQ I can’t really help you that much, but what I can suggest is find a design that you like/ you think you can improve and then try to compact it down yourself.

Have fun seems like a very cool project

Do you have access to pneumatics? If so, check out team 44’s designs from a while back. If you don’t, it might be a bit better to get some drivers practice.

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There have been lots of posts about “If you can’t help, don’t reply”. The OP has a problem, things like “find something” isn’t helpful. I makes all of us reading it go “Duh”, and scrabbling around for the “black heart” button.

OP’s post flung me back to a series of multiple motor transmissions, where the rotations of a third motor changed from high torque to high speed. One of my favorites is three motor transmission by @technik3k back a long time ago.

Google searching two motor transmission vex robot will get you some more hits. If you have the new V2 VEXIQ gears you may find a solution designed with the similar Lego gears.

Please post back what you come up with.

@Nightsoot , would something like this be too large for your needs?

Without pneumatics to shift gears, this is, probably, close to the simplest vex shifting transmission design to build.

Another alternative could be to use ratchets and have high speed gear ratio when driving forward and low speed/high torque gear ratio when driving back.


Yeah that actually really helps because it’s using the same equipment we have at our disposal; thanks!

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