Compact Linear Puncher Release Mechanisms

So far in the season, we’ve seen quite a few different launcher designs, with one of my favorite being the linear puncher that teams such as 62(in their Ri3D) and 2z have built.

I plan to switch from a flywheel to this design soon, but am struggling a little to find a compact and efficient way to release the puncher.

We’ve found that the nautilus cam can be hard to cut and create some friction with the slider because of it’s shape that applies a little force pushing down on the slider.

A slip gear with rack and pinion seems very efficient, but changing the size of the gear driving the system also changes how much the puncher is pulled back.

Chain with standoffs or metal attached also works, but it seems to be a little less than optimal IMO.

And as for the mechanism 2z uses… I have no idea how it works, but it seems to work well. :stuck_out_tongue:

So before we get building, are there any mechanisms that teams have found to be effective and compact that they wouldn’t mind sharing? We appreciate it. Thanks!

Not sure what you mean? As long as the slip gear itself stays the same, the amount of pull back is the same, as changing gearing will only affect the speed of slip gear and launcher. You will still have the same number of teeth (distance of pull back) and gaps (slipping forward) on the slip gear regardless.

2Z is using a slip gear. A slip gear IMO is infinitely more efficient than a nautilus. It’s more compact and can have more force applied to it in a more efficient manner, thus making it easier on the motors. Use a 36tooth or a 60 tooth for the slip gear and you could get the ideal draw distance (~4in), with 60 allowing multiple slips.