Comparing PROS to Vex Code

Is there something that compares PROS to Vex Code? At some point we will need to convert to V5 hardware and as the mentor in charge of teaching programming, I should probably look at it myself so I know how it works.

It seems like these are the to environments that are in the works most commented on. I did a google search and a forum search and there doesn’t seem to be much other than okapilib for PROS and a simpler system for vex code. That and personal experience and preference.

Is there more?

There is also Robot Mesh Studio with support for several languages: Blockly, Python, C++, and Javascript. RMS Blockly generates Python which is viewable side-by-side, and students can convert their Blockly project to a Python one with a couple clicks.

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PROS allows you to use the IDE of your choice, whereas with vexCode you are limited to the modified version of VSCode (AFAIK) that ships. I use CLion with PROS.

Robot Mesh Studio is another option, I think it might have a CLI which allows you to use different editors? @John_TYler

Personally I prefer PROS, I just like the documentation a lot more than other solutions and okapilib is pretty powerful.


Yes, though it’s gone a while without an update now. The stuff delaying that update should be out of the way by the time @sabarrett328 gets his V5 stuff. (The current version works just fine for IQ and Cortex, Blockly and Python, though.)


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