Comparing two teams and why one didn't move to worlds over another

Good morning! New to Vex IQ and overall Vex programs. Trying to understand what qualifies one team vs. another at Worlds from our State event. My team (team A) didn’t qualify from our school but another team (team B) did. Here’s the data from States (I put an X in some digit places so it doesn’t exactly identify who we are and the other team is)

WP/AP/SP 8/0/33x (330s)
Awards - Teamwork (5th) and Build
World Skills Rank 44x (440s)
SKILLS placement: 4th
Finalist ranking: 5th

WP/AP/SP 8/0/26x (260s)
Awards - none
World Skills Rank 156x (1560s)
Skills placement: 14th
Finalist ranking: 7 th

Am I missing something? Is there a reason team B qualified and we did not? Thank you for any insight and help!

Was there a double qualifier at you state event? And what was the skills results from that event? Was team b the highest non-worlds qualified team from the skills result at the state event?

No, as Team A is higher than Team B in the world skills rankings. It could be that Team B qualified through a really rare route, such as a signature event or even Online Challenges.

Both teams ONLY competed at the regional event first then the state event. There were no additional competitions/online events in addition.

May you please clarify?

Yes - There were 3 double qualifiers (from our school’s teams alone).
SKILLS results - Team A finished 4th, Team B finished 14th

Actually team A was the highest non worlds qualified team for skills in 4th (1-3 qualified in other ways).

Answered a few questions below. Team A finished 4th in skills. Team B finished 14th.

It is very possible that Team B did not secure its spot in worlds on the day of states at all. Your team definitely would have been ahead in line.

If they qualify through a signature event, their performance at states has no impact on their world spot. That being said, a team so low on the skills rankings is unlikely to have qualified through this route.

Is there a straightforward way to see if an event was signature? The events that both teams competed in were only type: league and type: tournament state championship event. This is part of my confusion why team B is in and team A is not. Doesn’t look like it was a signature event (8 matches, etc).

Maybe contact your RSM. According to the qualifying criteria (, team A would have higher priority for the Worlds spot than team B.

Signature events will be indicated as a Signature event on You will know it’s a signature event when you attend as they will be treated like a state championship event. Looks like the teams only attended a league and state championship, so team B didn’t get a qualification from a signature event.


Are they signed up for the open division?

I am assuming that you looked at the event page and looked at all of the awards there. Some were world qualifying, some not. Usually during the awards ceremony, they will say which teams qualify from those awards and which didn’t. Some of the judged awards don’t really take the robot performance into account, especially the Design award. I have a team that posted a great programming run and got the Think award, which qualified them for WORLDS at our competition in N Florida. Their performance overall was not the best, and they are working all that out now.

Of course, you could just reach out to their coach or your TEM or EEM and just see what’s going on. Without providing the event we really won’t be able to help you sort it out. I’m not saying that you should tell us, but we can only really speculate with the given information.

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Thank you for the reply. I just don’t want to call out the other team for qualifying so I appreciate you understanding. Yes, compared the awards and based on double qualifying I knew there was still a chance for Team A. There wasn’t a RSM listed for the event but I did find some state contacts to reach out to who hopefully can help.

It’s THIS event where team B is in and team A is not:

2022 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Event

My best guess is that it was team A that actually qualified via the skills list due to double qualifiers ahead of them. In the case of a double qualification someone at RECF has to manually enter the invitations to worlds for the teams from the skills list to be invited. That person inadvertently sent an invite to the B team rather than the A team. Contact your EEM or RSM and they should be able to find out if that was just a simple mistake and if it can be corrected.

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@Vex007 Please reach out to your EEM. They will research and will help explain what happened.

The REC Foundation takes care to invite the correct teams from the Skills list or from the Wait List but we do occasionally have a typo.


There are so many aspects to consider …

  • Are both teams elementary events?
  • where does each team fall on the Skills Standing for the region?
  • You can drill down to each team to see what awards they have won at various events, perhaps they attended an event you are not aware of.
  • One of my teams won an online challenge that is not listed on their rankings, perhaps that is the case. You can look at all the online challenge winners to see if they are on that list.
  • They may have won an award last year that qualified them for an automatic invitation to Worlds this year (one of my teams did although that team had moved on to VRC so we did not use the invite).
    Barring all of these, definitely reach out to your regional reps for further understanding. Good luck.

Thanks, sent an email!

I have an unfortunate resolution. Our school has two campuses and I was just told they picked team B for worlds because the campus where team A is already has a team going.


So were these teams all on the waitlist? REC Foundation has to follow the qualifying criteria… Right?

What is the qualifying criteria to go on the Waitlist? Whatever that might be, clearly based on the results Team A WOULD qualify if Team B does. To answer above there were no other competitions, no online, no other awards that would’ve ranked team B above team A.

If the school decided one over the other, it means both qualified. In that case, would the school allow the parents of Team A to pay the registration fee?

At our elementary school, each team pays their registration fees for all of the tournaments.