Competing in Other States

So far this year both teams from my school have competed in a regional competition in Northern New York, both qualifying for the Northern NY State Championship. Now, next Sunday we are competing in Vermont in an event that qualifies teams for the New England VEX Championship (MA, RI, NH, VT). We are treating this as a practice match but my question is, can a team from New York compete in other states, win, and get a spot in Worlds from an area not in their home state?

Thanks in advance for clarifying.

Hi Marc,

The REC Foundation policy is that State/Province Championships are closed to teams outside of that State/Province/Country. Some regions may have States/Provinces that band together to hold a Regional Championship. So if the New England states want to combine their spots to have a 3 or 4 state regional championship (with only teams from those involved states), they will permitted to host 1 event to award all allocated spots. Please remember that teams are only permitted to register for 1 State/Province Championship.

So in answer to your question. You may participate in a VRC event outside of your home state/region/provence. However your team may not qualify for or compete in a state/regional/provincial that is outside of your teams home state/region/provence.


Thanks for the prompt response and clarification.