Competing Out of State - Is it possible?

I have a question on behalf of team 5956 (Bangarang - Orlando, FL).

Last season, when we competed at a regional qualifier in Tallahassee we noticed teams from Georgia competing there. Since there are so few comps happening in Florida due to Covid, would it be possible for our teams to travel to Georgia to compete? Most importantly, if yes and our teams qualify for states at the Georgia comp, would that qualification transfer over to the Florida State championship?

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I don’t think qualification to states will transfer, but yes, you can compete in out of state tournaments

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This happens a lot in Texas, since we have 4 regions and there is a lot of travel between them. A team registered in one region cannot qualify for their regional champs at another region, but your skills scores will count for waitlist.


There are no restrictions from VEX or the RECF that would prevent you from competing out of state. That would be entirely up to your team / organization / school district.

Per the RECF’s Qualification Criteria, (page 6),

Teams that compete outside of their region will not be eligible for spots.
However, their Robot Skills scores will be recorded as an official score.


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