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Hi Guys! I’m new to vex this year and I have my second ever competition tomorrow. Any tips and trick you guys can offer just about competition days in general?

I would say just make sure u keep an eye on bettery and controller percentage. Also make sure to talk to ur partners about match strategies. Don’t forget to do skills, even if it’s just a few points ik in my states that can qualify you for regionals.
Oh and don’t be afraid to ask other teams about their designs that you like. Most people are happy to explain and help you learn


My biggest advice would be to keep a close eye on what match is up, and when you will need to go up. Also what competition are you going to because I have a competition at Syracuse High School tomorrow.

We’re going to Huntley HS in Illinois

Cool, good luck at your competition.

thanks, you too!

My suggestion is to make sure everyone on your team knows your robot. What my team does is we make a script on what to say. Also, have everyone talk on your team during judges interview since judges expect that everyone knows about the robot and how its built. But have in mind that the judges that are judging don’t know much about robots so you need to go more in depth on some topics. That’s how we won excellence:).

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I’m gonna share how my team won notebooks award(I forgot what it’s called)
Whatever you say to the judges has to be accurate to the engineering notebook. Don’t make something up unless it can be backed by pages in the engineering notebook

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Yeah I agree with this for judging. Looking at the rubric helps a lot for this. Using it has lead us to a couple excellence and design awards

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Oh yeah if you could, you should have a written notebook because it gives you additional points according to the rubric. A written notebook is even better becuase judges wants to see the mistakes you made when coming up with the robot design.

Also, try to have everybody on your team speak. Having one person speak the most (or at all) shows how un-invested the rest of your team might be in the engineering notebook. It shows how your team has excellent communication between you guys.


And most importantly, remember to have fun!


Always have an extra battery. Keep an eye out for judges. Never argue. Always be a good person. And just be nice and also never argue with the judges it’s not a good idea or don’t talk back to them and say yes mam or no sir

Oh and I forgot just have fun live in this great experience😁

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ask people when they come around to your pit if they are a team or judges. One team told the judges they were not interested when they came around since they thought they were a team scouting

Always. Tighten. Your. Screws. Time and time again, I find that my team’s robot works fine right until we forget to tighten our screws between matches.
Remain calm. Even though everything is ablaze and you find out that you’re burning too.
Remember to have fun, be nice, and be a good sport. I always like to shake hands with the opposing teams and my alliance partners. I met some of the nicest people I know because of VEX Robotics. I met some great people who are now my friends, just by going around to meet some of the people at Competitions.

Hope your competition is going/has gone well, and good luck out there. =)


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