Competition and Skills Templates mutually compatible?

I’ve seen that both templates use exactly the same background code, only that the times are different. The teams I’m mentoring right now have a tournament up in two days. Is it really necessary to use different templates for both competition and skills?

As far as I remember, just using the normal Competition Template works fine for Skills. I’m pretty sure those timings are meaningless for normal competition/Skills.

I know for a fact that the regular competition template works for Driver Skills.

I’m pretty sure my team has used it for Programming Skills, too.

We use the standard competition template for the skills runs; I don’t believe we’ve ever used the Driver Skills template for anything.

The driver skills template is pretty much obsolete, we should probably remove from ROBOTC in a future release, stick to the competition template.

These lines,

#pragma autonomousDuration(0)
#pragma userControlDuration(60)

also have no meaning anymore, they were used with the previous (to the cortex) control system, I had removed them from the competition template about 18 months ago.