Competition Attire

Most teams just wear team t-shirts but, some teams have fun with it. Having a mermorable outfit can be a good way to market your team. What have you guys seen people wear/what do you wear to competitions?

We have club t-shirts with sponsors on the back like a lot of schools, but we also have stickers with the purple part of my signature that we give to our alliance in playoffs. We’ve also seen people with wrist bands that had their team number, and maybe a team logo that. I have yet to see a onesie though. That would be amazing.

We have seen tails and animal ears (mostly middle school teams). As far as high school teams go there is the yellow fedora @Aponthis haha but most teams just have team t shirts

That yellow fedora is excellent, especially with the driver pin. Mostly in Arizona, though, teams just wear T-shirts.

In Minnesota we had a team (retired now) called the Boss Botz. They would wear full out suit and ties with top hats. Classy.

We just have team shirts with our team logo on the front and nerdy coding language on the back.

We were definitely the best dressed in tournaments.

We just have club t-shirts (the breathable kind) with our logo on the front and our number large on the back (like a sports jersey). We’ve seen jerseys, hoodies and of course suits (Boss Botz).

Also, my teammate wears his fedora to EVERY competition. :wink:

There was a dude with a banana suit. Not sure if it was for the team though. Was pretty chill.

Our team has team jerseys that have our logo on the front and our team number at the back. We also have team jackets that have our logo on the front and our team number on the back similar to our jerseys. Then we wear black tactical pants that have a ton of pockets.

There’s a team in Ohio (4112A) that wears nice blue shirts (they sometimes wear white ones) with bow ties and suspenders. Their robots are always great too. We call them “the guys with the suspenders,” “the guys with the bow ties,” or simply “them.” We played cornhole at worlds with them for a bit too.
We just wear team t-shirts and jeans. We donned Santa hats last competition, though :wink:

I guess wearing “different” clothes makes you stand out, especially if your robot is above average.

There is a person from 1893B who wears a parrot hat. Another person from 5588C wears a panda hat.

That reminds me of the guy in the panda outfit at toss up worlds.

My team custom ordered sweatpants with our team logo and names on them. (Image attached)

We have BRIGHT neon yellow shirts with our number and logo on them. We ordered them last year so our parents and coach could find us at worlds XD

Wow, those are nice. I haven’t seen y’all wear them to competition, yet. Are they new, or have I just completely missed it?

Our typical attire is jackets with our logo on the chest and our number on the back (really big). This year the team captains wear hoodies that are the same colour as the jackets, but with a different logo on the front. Other members can earn a hoodie from fundraising, but it is meant to be a more unique feature for our team leaders. We also wear blue shirts with the same logo from the hoodie that come in both dry-fit and cotton.

Thanks :slight_smile: We have worn them to the competition at Lambert high school and Peachtree Ridge high school. We’ll be wearing them at Walker, Chamblee, and our own competition (GSMST).

Well I doubt I will be seeing them unless you guys pull through for state. I couldn’t convince our mentor to register us for the GSMST qualifier, and it is sure to be a very competitive tournament. I guess we’ll miss out on great competition and attire, unless I can convince him to register us before the last 11 spots are gone :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be competitive, it always is. But definitely try to come, its also always a great tournament.
Hope to see you at State :slight_smile:

All the CyberHawks teams have bright red team shirts, and then the girls on the 7983G team (that me and my friend) we wear red VEX bows in our hair.