Competition being pretty much canceled

So we had a competition this weekend at facebook hq in menlo park but the ppl running it contacted our team (and since we signed up for a elementary/middleschool comp) and said they didnt have enough middle schoolers to let us compete. so we have been preparing for 2 months and only half of our team is elementary . i think we should still be able to compete w our middle schoolers since thats the comp we signed up for but i just wanted ur guys’ imput. thanks!

I assume you are talking about this tournament that is coming up this Saturday 12/7 at Facebook (

Are you already registered (I assume so since they contacted you)? I do see Grade Level is elementary even though it’s not on the event title. Did your team know it was elementary when you signed up?

I would suggest you contact Steven Rummell, the RECF Regional Manager for California, and the event partner.

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