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Our team, 724a, is scheduled to compete this Saturday (Feb. 8, 2014) at the Rio Grande Valley VEX Competition (Rio Grande Valley VEX Competition : Robot Events). However, our team was concerned that we would have to compete against the high school teams due to the fact that the only other middle school team is our sister team, 724b. This is our first competition, so we do not know the protocol for things like this. If we don’t compete against high school, do we automatically qualify? And if we do have to compete against high school and qualify, would we compete in the other events under the high school division? Help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Team 724a, “Argonauts”

You’re going to be competing against highs school teams, yeah. There aren’t enough middle school teams (at least in most regions) to hold their own events. AFAIK, neither of the the Texas regional competitions have a middle school division, either. Meaning you would compete against the same teams there.

At Worlds, you would be in a separate division and play only other Middle School teams. Before that, you play everyone.

You will be competing against high school and middle school teams, this is not uncommon, you typically do not see 2 divisions at small and medium sized events. I would not worry too much, I have seen many rookie middle school teams hold their own and do well in competitions against high school teams. Do your best, have fun, and work closely with your alliances. Also make sure you do the skills challenges, this is another way to qualify for the South Texas regional.

Thank you for your responses, this really helps us out.

Team 724a, “Argonauts”

I have a follow-up question now, would we automatically qualify for the US Open Middle School Championship?

You will have to win an award that qualifies for the US Open at a qualifying event somewhere in Texas. This includes Design, Excellence, and of course the Tournament Championship. I believe placing well in skills at the South Texas Regional will also qualify for the Open and Worlds.

Slightly Off Topic:
As a former middle school Texas team, it isn’t at all easy having to compete in Texas against high school teams. But if you move onto high school, you have all the experience that none of the other high school beginners have.

This is my teams first year in the high school division in Texas, but we’ve had three years experience as a middle school team against all the extremely fierce competitors in Texas. It will start off rough, but your team will get VERY good having to battle all the big teams.:smiley:

See you at Regionals!:smiley:

This event does qualify for US Open.

Exactly. If you win one of the awards that would qualify you for US Open, you’re qualified for US Open. If you don’t, then you aren’t qualified.

Ok, thanks.

I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. Though all the other teams are high school teams, it looks like this event contains mostly rookies. Generally any inexperienced rookie (not all though) will start off with some difficulties (with us included) so I don’t expect this competition to be unfair at all. As others said above have fun and do your best. Since this is your first event make it a learning experience to help you with future efforts. Good luck!

Looks like 4 middle school spots are still open.

But high school is closed…

This used to have qualification spots for owrlds but it does not seem to now:


Its always helpful to go over 101 things you should know before your first VEX tournament. Link below

I wish that I had read this before my first tourney :smiley:

Good luck!!

Thank you for all your help! We got the Excellence award and were tournament finalists.