Competition Disputes

We have a blue license plate with the name of our robot spelled out with the vex license plate number and letter stickers. However, during a competition this weekend we were asked to take it off when we were on the red side by the ref. Reason being, it hard to know if the bot is on red or blue. Also we have a speaker on our bot playing “Take on me” but we were also threatened by the same ref to take of off because it was “Annoying”. The music was not load and it was hard to here with all of the people in the competition. The ref said that if we dont take it off, we would be disqualified. Despite the music being annoying and barely heard, my question is, if the ref allowed to do this and even have the ability to disqualify us, and also is the license plate scenario illegal in competition?

To add on to this, is it illegal for the robot to accidentally touch outside of the field perimeter? For example, the robot tips over and touches the ground outside while holding a star.

Also, if your robot hits a monitor on the field perimeter, can you be disqualified?

If i was an event partner and had paid for field diaplays i would be very unhappy if a team hit it. A ruling on that would have to be based on circumstance. If it was on purpose it could be ruled as intential damage to the field. If a robot tipped and fell onto the screen it would be more likely to break but would be hard to make a ruling that satisfied everyone.

In indiana i have been to five events and not one has required teams to switch license plates because the fence clearly seperates both sides. I think a disqualification based on license plate colors in this years game is uncalled for. I can’t say much about the speaker though, never used one or been with anyone that used one.

To be fair, i could here it from the other side of the room.

And why would the ref get onto you for such a good music choice…I guess that part is completely subjective

In all seriousness, the referee should not have told you take off the speaker as it is a non-functional item AS LONG as it was the VEX Speaker. If it wasn’t, then the rule book states that the item is illegal even if non-functional.

The thing with the license plate is mainly for the field MC’s that are watching the match and to announce to the audience what is going on and with what team. It’s to prevent confusion

I’m not an offical or anything, so I can only comment on what I know.

Inspector and head referee have final call on the music according to <R7> D III

And plates should match your field color according to <R19> C

I’m not too sure about accidentally going tipping out of the field perimeter, but if you look at the footnote below <S2>

For the license plate, I would agree with the ruling to take it off. Even though it may be clear what color alliance you’re on, emcees and refs need to be able to easily see your team number.