Competition Failures

What’s the worst thing to happen to your robot in a competition?

Last weekend, our auton failed and we got stuck on a ball.

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The same thing happened to us with our licence plate.

At a competition last weekend, an old 393 started going slightly slower than it should, making our autonomous veer off to the side, hit a flag post, and get stuck in the alcove between the flags and the field corner. So rather than going back safely to the expansion zone, our robot deployed its descoring arm right next to the flag post, turned a middle flag, and got entangled in the net. We managed to break 3 rules at once, get disabled for the rest of the match, and ultimately get DQed because the flag flip was match-effecting.

Um, that field’s pipes are set up wrong I think. The Blue high post isn’t where it’s supposed to be. I noticed it because blue was expanding completely outside the zone to put it on the post. That’s quite bad of the competition runner.

At my first comp with a catapult, it snapped

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how many rubber bands did you use?

@Riptide 8

@Riptide The catapult is able to hit the top flag from anywhere on the field, its more of a artillery

yeah, I use a steel c channel for that reason

@Vyx I doubled up the c-channel now, it’s lighter than steel and doesn’t break