Competition kits- any way to expedite shipping?

Just found out it’s going to take 8 weeks to get our kits. Is there a phone # that I can call to get them sent quicker?

“Ships in 8 weeks” was a running gag on the V5 rollout. 8 weeks is approximately how long it takes a container ship to go from China to the US. You can try emailing, but if the kits are still on a ship in the Pacific ocean, as opposed to being in texas, it’s not going to do a lot of good.

So, with supply chain still being bogged down as it has been, don’t hold your breath, but depending what your needs are, there might be a local team or organization that could help you out.


Thanks for the response. It doesn’t sound promising. It’s our first year. Not sure if we will have any robots in time for any competitions this year : /

Whereabouts are you located? Many well-established organizations exist in the vex community, and many are willing to help out a new team get going.


Your situation is definitely not ideal. As kmmohn said, all you can do is email VEX, and I don’t know if it matters, but I’d even try emailing if it makes any difference. Lead times change all the time, but for reference ,my team is also a new team this year, and we ordered our parts back in March. Our stuff didn’t come until late June/early July. Now we can also consider that motor lead times have seemed to change. (For example, I ordered 3 motors a few weeks back and they came almost instantly.) Also remember that typically as long as you can get into the last regional of the year (usually before the end of February), you still have a chance to qualify for regionals or even compete. I think it might be a stretch, but I’m wishing you luck either way.

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