Competition Legal Substitute Antenna Holder / Tube

Hello everyone!

Here’s a quick fix for those lost antenna tubes that is not only handy but also competition legal. It may not be the prettiest fix in the world. But it avoids having to zip-tie the antenna directly to metal, which you should always avoid doing.

You will need:
(1) - 11" Tie Wrap, P/N:ZIP-TIE-11
A few 4" Tie Wraps, P/N:CABLE-TIE-4-PACK-100 (I suggest 3)
A pair of wire dykes

  1. Attach your 11" zip tie through the gray antenna base or other suitable place on your robot.

  2. Run the antenna along the out stretched length of the 11" zip tie.

  3. Secure the antenna to the 11" zip tie using your 4" zip ties.

  4. Trim any excess zip tie with your wire dikes.

  5. Adjust the 11" zip tie as necessary and tighten as much as possible.

That’s it!