Competition Match Start from Computer

Hi, so my club wants to host a mock-competition and we wanted to know how to set it up so that we can start autonomous and driver control from the computer with all the sound effects. Can anyone tell me what program is needed for that?

Appreciate any help. here ya go, there’s a manual somewhere on the internet that teaches you how to use this

You need VEX Tournament Manager for the sounds and displays. Computerized field control requires additional hardware that can be purchased from VEX.

However, if all you care about is the sounds to go with a timer, consider just using the VRC Hub app instead. It’s much easier to get set up.

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The manual actually is inside the download, so when you install it, you have the lastest documentation.

TM is very easy to run, give it a try.

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The field control hardware can be bought here.

If you just want to run a small scrimmage, you can get away with not using any field control hardware, and jut trusting everyone to start their autonomous programs and start and stop driving at the right times. Or, connect all 4 controllers to a competition switch, and have someone flip the switches manually at the right times.

Tournament manager is a fairly complicated piece of software, but not too hard to use with a bit of practice. I made some introductory videos a while back going over how to set up and run an example tournament.


If you are using V5 you can have everyone run the timed run at the same time. Runs auton and driver. The only problem is driver starts immediately after auton so you have to count on the fly.

If you are using the software, I think that you have to have at least 2 monitors, else you can’t use the control panel and show timer at the same time

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