Competition mode error

What does the following error mean which shows immediately from competition template?
Also what does the 13:41:59 stand for?
PS(the arrow is actually under the ‘c’ in competition.

13:41:59 – error – In file included from cxx_entry.cpp:16:
./main.cpp:110:21: error: redefinition of ‘Competition’
vex::competition Competition;
./robot-config.h:11:18: note: previous definition is here
vex::competition Competition;

Remove vex::competition Competition; from main.cpp

13:41:59 is the timestamp.

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Thanks. can you help me on this?

15:06:53 – error – error: expected ‘}’
./main.cpp:152:12: note: to match this ‘{’
int main() {

From the error it seems that you have a bracket that opens your main function but does not close it.

You’re missing a closing bracket. Try reading the error and googling it; you’ll find that they are usually quite descriptive.