Competition mode in VCS

I’ve been messing around on vcs modkit blocks trying to code a robot with autonomous and driver control but I don’t see any way to sense whether it is in driver control or not. If anybody can help it would be appreciated.

Support for competition using block is not complete yet.

I checked out the link. so one more question. How would you type it? can you show me a quick example code.

Create a “When” block. Go to the “Text” view (top right) and type text over the event. Check the competition checkbox under the project dropdown menu, that creates an instance of vex::mod kit::competition called “Competition”
But be aware of the current limitations I mentioned in the other thread, competition feature under blocks is incomplete at the moment.

Thanks I’ve been looking for a solution to this

EDIT: Is there any way to do something similar in RobotMesh Blockly? I haven’t been able to recreate what you just showed.

Coming October 1.

It’s already integrated into Python though, correct? So basically I can just transfer generated code from Blockly to Python and add the booleans from the competition class in Python?

@Baguette123 There are some methods currently stated in the RMS V5 Python API, but our Competition class in Python is not fully fleshed out nor guaranteed to be attached to the proper VEXos hooks yet. For now, I would write autonomous and user control as two functions that you call manually for testing. It should be relatively easy to attach the proper competition controls to those functions when they become available.

If you have a competition before we ship the feature, send me a direct message and I can point you to the resources needed to do a one-time port to RMS V5 C++ where we do have the competition stuff completed.