Competition Program not working

So my team and I were trying to verify are competition program was working with tournament manager. We plugged it into the tower, called up tournament manager, and started a match and nothing happened. The tower lights were correct but our auton wasn’t triggering. The thing is we didn’t select any of the options such as run, timed run, driver skills, etc once we selected the program. But we don’t know which one to select if someone can clarify which option to select so that our competition program will work that’d be awesome.

You have to run the program. The field controller cannot start the program. After your controller is plugged into a competition switch or field control system, select “Run” on the program you want to use. The Brain screen should switch to showing elapsed match time on the top bar as 0:00 and the LCD will begin doing whatever your program has it doing outside of autonomous and driver control. When you switch the competition control to Enabled the program will begin the appropriate section of your code depending on what the competition control requested (autonomous or driver).