Competition Question?

Hey there!

Our team’s robot has an intake system which consists of side rollers, and we have two axles sticking out to pick up the big balls.

Our question is: If we are to do a skills challenge, such as Programming, is it legal for us to take off the two axles for picking up the big balls? (However we can still pick up the buckey balls)


Rule R2 in the Game Manual goes over this, somewhat.

I wouldn’t consider taking the axles off to be a significant change, however, referees or inspectors might say otherwise. It would be best to check with whoever is inspecting or whoever is running skills challenges.

I know that you have to go through inspection every time you make a change your robot, and from what I remember it is only if it is a large change. I’m not sure but if it is a minor change, and not something that will change anything on the inspection checklist it should be fine.

Consider this
If you feel that the axles does not violate anything on the checklist, it should be fine for you to take them off. If the referees feel that that is a problem, then undergo inspection as you would have if it was a significant change. Honestly, from my disobedient experience, no one notices or minds changes to a robot, especially when parts disappear instead of appear.

Not sure what 2915a did, but they changed their intake flaps to different ones between driver skills and match play, so I feel that taking off the axles is fine.

It was ruled in several threads in previous years that changing the whole intake system between matches was legal, although the robot had to be inspected in both states. Unless the ruling has changed dramatically for some reason, what you describe should be well within the limits of the rules. I would ask at inspection whether they want you to have it inspected in the other configuration.

It is legal as long as your two intake systems pass the inspection. We did once during the Gateway World Competition in 2012.