Competition Switch Assistance

Hello friends! We are a robotics team from a small school in Wyoming and we are going to be competing soon. However, we are in need of assistance concerning the vex net competition switch. How do we assemble and implement it with our robot and our code? I have not been able to find documentation or instructions on the subject.
Rez Squad

If you are using RobotC, when you start a new program, navigate to File>>New>>Competition Template and select it. If you are using EasyC, once you open the program and are viewing the home page, select New Competiton Project, then when the dialog box appears, select Field Control. If you have already existing code that doesn’t use this template, you’re going to have to adapt it to fit in the template. Once you do that, you can use the Competition Switch by plugging it into the Competition port on the joystick via Ethernet cable.

In terms of the actual construction/assembling of a competition switch, there’s the schematic here.
That provides a good idea of the circuitry of the switch.
There was also a video here made by an Australian team that is a little helpful in explaining how the switch works and how to make one: here

In terms of the code, in As Suggested By Eccentric Spark, a standard RobotC competition template allows for competition switch use straight away. Unfortunately I haven’t used EasyC and therefore cannot comment in its implementation of competition