Competition switch problems

We have started having issues with one of our competition switches. When I enable the system through the master computer, the ‘disable’ light illuminates fine. But on one tower the ‘driver’ light is illuminated while the ‘auto’ light is lit up on the opposite tower.

I have checked all connections and everything is good. Doesn’t matter if I activate robots or not, the light stays on ‘driver’. Now we have one team whose robot will not run autonomous and the switch doesn’t stop them from driving their robot, even when the round ends. Any ideas?

I have had similar issues and the fix was to replace the ethernet cable between the Match Controller and the Driver Interface.

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We had an unofficial tourney we had to play unplugged because the competition switches did not want to work.

There are a lot of layers between the Tournament Manager software and the field controllers. What was your setup? Did you have any indicator lights on the field electronics?

By Unofficial, were the robots tested at inspection and did they all use the competition programming template?

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Or more importantly did the new program they downloaded have the template in it. I had that happen at an event, they passed inspection, but the new program didn’t use the template, so when the match ended they drove for another few seconds.

I’ve also had wonky results with a bad ethernet cable. There are 8 wires inside the sheath, people pull and tug on the wires during set up and tear down and it’s easy to break and short things out.

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We found a solution to our problem. Turns out it was a bad remote controller. The students had tried a second controller yesterday and after trying numerous things, I suggested getting a third controller and that was all it took. Their robot now runs their autonomous and driver control programs when they should, through the competition switch.