Competition template and competition switch? Help urgent we compete tomorrow

We wrote our code in the competition template and it seems to run okay. I hooked the competition switch to it and the autonomous won’t run when I enable it on the switch. I have to push the lcd screen run on the brain. Can we do this during competition or do we not have something right?. There are no errors. The controller works fine with the switch. The autonomous dies fine when else push run but the switch has to be in enable autonomous. Sorry saying urgent, but we finally figured the dang template out tonight late. It’s been a ride.

Wish I could help more. As long as the robot hasn’t moved, I think you might be able to activate the autonomous. As long as it’s safe to do so. Ask tomorrow, if nobody can confirm or correct me before then.
Edit: nope, I think I’m wrong. Sorry. Apparently the human interaction is limited to plugging in a battery or power expanded.

If you are trying to run autonomous you should hit run on the brain to start the program then plug into the field control that way the people at the desk can control when autonomous start.