Competition Template w/ Block Code

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to add the code from the DiscoBot (v5) presets along with the flywheel code onto the competition template. So far, what I have is the driver control which consists of the ‘forever’ piece with ‘print vex code to brain’. Is there a way to bring the code to the competition template, this is my first time doing so.
Also this is done in block code. Please provide a rundown of the Competition Template.

Thanks. I will add more information if this is not susceptible.
The first image or screenshot depicts the code for the Disco bot along with the code for the wheel.
The second depicts the Competition Template: ‘when started’, ‘autonomous mode’, and ‘driver control’

Go to file and click save to your device for the disco bot, then in the competition template, click file and then click load from your device. Click on the code that says DiscoBot and click open or it should automatically open.

That would just open the file. What they want is to move the code from the DiscoBot to the competition template. What @zenon can do, is just drag in the
blocks instead of moving it all over. They are default there in the Events tab. This is A. the easier way, and B. saves a lot of time rather than manually moving the blocks over.

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