Competition Timed or Field Control?

Hello, I am trying to create a program that can switch between autonomous and user-controlled/Operator control. I was trying to figure out if I should be using a competition timed or competition field control type program. I have been researching throughout the vex forums, have found way too much information, and am now looking for an outright solution. I can provide more information upon request…Thank you so much!!

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I prefer field control over using the timed skill runs in V5 because you have faster control. If what I just said means zero sense, then I could be understanding you wrong. I put just some info on how to do autonomous and driver control below. I put info on doing autonomous and driver control for Cortex in the dropdown too.

If I understood you wrong....

Well… If you want to be able to have user control and autonomous control, you should use the competition template when you code no matter what software you are using. PROS automatically generates as a competition template.

Getting the code to run is slightly more tricky and sometimes has more than one solution.

Option 1

If you are using V5

If you are using V5. Use a competition template when you code (in VexCode or PROS or RobotMesh or whatever). When you create a new program, there should be an option to use competition template (except for PROS which as I mentioned above, automatically generates as a competition template). The two ways you can get different parts of the competition template to run are to run autonomous skills using the menu in the controller menu (the user control will run if you just play the code), or to use the vex competition switch to switch back and forth. With the competition switch, if it is disabled, pre-auton runs. I think that is what you are referring to. There is no outright better between the two. I personally would prefer the competition switch because you have faster control over disabling programs, which can be handy if your robot is destroying itself or otherwise malfunctioning

Option 2

If you are using Cortex

If you are using the old Vex cortex, the only way to manipulate autonomous and user control is through the competition switch. Use the competition template in RobotC (there should be an option to use a competition template when you create a new program), plug in the competition switch to the controller, and then you should be good to go. When the switch is disabled, preauton code will run.

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