Competition tomorrow. field trouble. Urgent!

We are hosting a competition tomorrow and the field tiles we ordered didn’t have any colored tiles. We have already gotten tiles from the only other school with a team in our area. We

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That’s fine. The new tiles aren’t red and blue and they have anti static.

All the fields at worlds won’t have them either.

Play away!


Field tile color does not matter

Ok thanks we were scared for a minute there

All you need to do is use different colored tape to show what zones are for which teams. Even then, that is only for if it is really dependent for some robot’s autonomous that they have the colored tiles/tape.

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That is NOT a requirement in the Game Manual, nor the field appendix.

The colored tiles are optional in the field specifications of the game manual.


What completion is this we are going to one tommorow

The question stands, are we allowed to place match loads on the new all-grey tiles?


Likely not one you’re going to. There are hundreds of competitions tommorow.

Your right 20 charactors

How would you interpret it? Spell it out step by step. I think it is a good exercise to do.


But if so then the allowed placement changes depending on what tile the venue uses?

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The rules say to place match loads against the wall on the grey tiles. It says it cannot contact the scoring zone. It says nothing about the tiles next to the goal. I would rule that yes, you can place cubes there.

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I mean, technically you can. but the rules will likely change either to allow cubes to be placed anywhere, or to not allow cubes to be placed in the outer protected zone.

that rule seems kind of silly to me tbh, what is the point of the rule anyways?

The condescending tone seems unnecessary considering that if interpreted literally, the rules change where match loads can be entered based on how new the set of field tiles are, which seems rather odd to me.


Not intended. Genuinely interested in hearing how to work this one through. A Q&A question was posted, I have not seen if it was answered. Putting colored tape on field is not likeLy to be the correct remedy.

From what I have seen in the rules, it doesn’t matter where you place them as long as they are 1, touching the robot, and 2, the robot isn’t in the inner zone. Could be mistaken on the second one.

This is a good opportunity to check the game manual rather then just guessing. The conditions for introducing match loads are detailed in SG4, and quite different from what you describe:

It wasn’t a complete guess, I just didn’t happen to have the game manual with me. I was going off of what I could remember from competitions and practice. Anyways, thanks for pointing out where it is in the game manual so now I can find it and try and use it competitions.

The game manual is available online, as well as offline in the VRC Hub app. If you have access to this forum, you have access to the game manual. It is pointless to speculate as to what the manual states when it is so easy to check.

It seems that the GDC has ruled the one way that I didn’t expect them to do:

With this ruling, it seems that the game by rule differs slightly depending on what tournament one attends, which still seems odd to me.