Competition travel logistics question

For any who are planning to do overnight travel for in-person competitions - how do you plan to deal with social distancing issues when booking hotels? My groups usually have four students to a hotel room, but I’m thinking that won’t work under the current conditions. I’m looking for ideas, suggestions, input on how others might be approaching this question.


For our organization, each family is responsible for their own travel; therefore, hotel rooms and such are in “family/household groups” and there are no issues.

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I know it doesn’t answer your question directly, but recently I had to travel and choose a hotel with individual room entrances from the outside balcony, rather than internal hallway. Something like this:

And it felt so much safer…


We travel as a school group, much like I used to do in the band whenever we went on overnight trips - four students to a room, two adult chaperones per room, school covers the logistics and so on.

We are a very low-income area - our students could not afford to do this without the external support, grants, and so on that cover our expenses, so asking each family to travel and house independently is simply not an option for us. I’m pretty sure that four kids to a room isn’t really a viable option right now, either.

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