Competition Unluckiness

my team is just a small ms team, and we don’t go for worlds, just a little local competition against other ms teams in our city, and I just got back from a scrimmage with another school. In all of our practice runs we manage to get 6-8 cones on a mobile goal in the 10 pt zone, and another mogo in the 10 pt with no cones, and sometimes a cone on the high goal. but we just got so unlucky today, and in one match scored no points. (one mogo with 7 cones fell over, and then the other mogo rolled away somehow when we tried to pick it up). So I’m wondering, is it just me that gets really unlucky during competitions, or has anyone else had some very unlucky thing happen to them at comp?

I think what you’re looking more for CONSISTENCY. Sure, maybe this one robot has a great autonomous that can score 26 points, but can only pull it off 10% of the time. They’re going to have a bit of trouble against a team that can always score 10 points. Even though it’s not as great, the fact they can pull it off every single time is really important.
Then again, the other factor is electronics. You won’t believe how many time I’ve lost a match because the VEX NET connection died in the middle of a match, autonomous, and so on. We’d have to recalibrate our gyroscope every time, which would cost us 5-7 seconds each time. Some matches it just wouldn’t work at all.

yeah, 99% of the time we can do it, but then during an important match that 1% happens lol

we lost the citywide competition last year because of faulty vexnet connection, we just lost connection the entire match. the refs were nice and let us have a rematch, but it happened again halfway through.