Competition vs Skills challenges at Worlds for VEX IQ

Just attended to recent worlds championship at Dallas last week… got a bit confused with the how to split the time between participating in skills challenges vs just focusing on your daily matches of the main competition. Do your team have different strategies for trying to handle both at the same time, or do you specialize in only one? thanks!

The way we did it was we split it among the different days. On the first day of setting up your pits, we did two driver and two programming runs. The next day, during large gaps between qualification matches, we went to the skills area and finished the remainder of our runs. I know some people who did all their skills on the first day so they could focus on quals the next days, and I also know some people who did all their skills in between their qualification matches. Ultimately, it depends on your match schedule as well as your personal preference.

If your team has a potential of earning Excellence, Innovate, Amaze, or Think awards, it is REALLY IMPORTANT to make your skills runs sooner rather than later. In the afternoon of the second day for each of the competitions, all the skills scores and rankings are transmitted to the Judges for evaluation against the award criteria. If there are no scores available, than “performance” criteria of these four awards cannot be evaluated.