Competitive Robotics and Engineering/Technology Careers Survey

I don’t know if this is allowed on the forums (I assume it is as I’ve seen some similar surveys posted here before), but my dual credit English class requires me to obtain some survey data for a primary research paper (a short one, 2-3 pages) and I am inquiring to the community in an attempt to gather this data.

Hello to all robotics students (and alumni, too!) As part of a college research assignment, I am performing a study on the correlation between competitive robotics participation and performance in college, career, and high school throughout technology and engineering fields.

If possible, I would like as many people as possible to take these surveys in order to obtain accurate data for my study. Please fill out these forms as accurately as possible - again, I am using this for a college study.

There are three different surveys that will be incorporated into the final study (High School, Collegiate, and Career) - please fill the correct form out. Read the criteria carefully, please! A quick summary is provided for each form.

High School Survey - Visit HS Survey (applicable to all high school students who are taking a technology or engineering CTE course, or recently graduating alumni who do not qualify for the other surveys)
Collegiate Survey - Visit Collegiate Survey (applicable to individuals who are college students majoring in a technology or engineering field, who are not dual credit students, and are/were enrolled in a technology or engineering course)
Career Survey - Visit Career Survey (applicable to individuals that were employed at a technology or engineering job that is not a college internship)

Thanks for your cooperation, and I can’t wait to see the results of this study!


Thanks to the 43 wonderful respondents so far across all 3 surveys, which have been gathered through communication with the VEX and FIRST communities. I still have plenty of time for this essay (September 7th is the due date), so if you still want to submit and haven’t yet, you have plenty of time!