Competitive Teams in North Texas

Considering my area is North Texas, I was wondering who some of the highly competitive teams in this area were. I would prefer numbers rather than names.

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The biggest powerhouse up there this season will prob be 25461Z. Some of the other top dogs in the past were 2019F, 365X, and 60X, but from my knowledge these teams won’t exist anymore this year because a majority of the members were a part of the class of 2019. Some of them may be making appearances in VEX U though…


PS I’m interested in high school teams seen as I’ll be competing against them.

This is a bit off, and I dont know how relevant, but we do have the Carnegie and Bellaire teams down in south Texas.

You can look for competitions in your area from previous years on the RobotEvents site. Then, you can see exactly which teams won which awards and how they performed. If you’re interested in looking at information about a particular team (once you’ve found them), then VexDB is a good database - just search by team number and it will show all events that the team has attended, their match results, skills rankings, awards, etc. Good luck!


You can also search for teams on the VRC hub app.

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