Competitve scores and strategies

Yesterday our team managed to get our robot about where we want it as far as build goes so we did some practice matches anf we can score consistently just above 100 points from balls on the field with a 10 point autonomous. We think with some minor tweaking we’ll be scoring above 125 for sure and with that and with some practice maybe even 150. Will a robot like this, maybe with a better automous, be competitive at the state level? What scores have you guys found competetive at your competitons and what do you expect at state or even worlds?

150 from one robot as an average will be a competitive robot at state levels, assuming you have another robot that scores driver loads with high accuracy and possibly a lift.

For autonomous though, you need to aim towards an accurate 20-35 point for state.

Keep in mind, game play is entirely different when playing with other robots, on a crowded field. Expect your score to be 3/4 lower if minimal defense is played, and perhaps less than half of that score if focused defense is played on you. However, that robot should be competitive at state level dependent on your region.

It’s 341 points for a gauranteed win. The preloads provide 170 points, and assuming that the preload robot has a lift, the fielding robot should have to score just over 120 to win every match.

That’s all assuming that the preload robot doesn’t score anything else from there. 100 points consistently from a fielding robot should stay competitive. Especially one that can do this while playing against heavy defense.

Basically, each robot on the winning alliance would only need to score 11 field balls (assuming that they score the number of bonus balls that is statistically expected) and score all of the driver loads and then lift. This definitely makes me think that there will be a LOT of downtime in worlds matches because it would be hard for a robot not to be able to score 11 balls 1 minute and 20 seconds (25 seconds every 4 balls).

There will be much more defense at worlds, that is why it is important to have a strong and fast drive.

I don’t know if this counts that much as strategy, but not using preloads and instead going for the field balls in autonomous may help. Your preloads are basically guaranteed points for your alliance, while the field balls are competed for. This may be a viable plan for higher level competitions.

Personally, I don’t agree with this. If you have an autonomous that can score the preloads in a goal every time, why not play it safe and not risk going for the field balls that won’t be in the exact same spot every match? Just go for them at the start of driver control, that way you can adjust for error.

They will start in the same spot, you just have to get to them before someone else gets to them. The question that you have to ask yourself is “Is this game about solely scoring, or is it about taking away points from your opponents?” Some matches could be almost won in autonomous. (2 robots with 2 stack autonomouses). We may see this game play at worlds.

It’s either about scoring a lot of balls, or bringing a lot of balls to your square. Either one will give you a major advantage, it just depends which one you can do better.

Why bring them to your square when it’s just as fast to score them (if you design an efficient robot)?

But if you bring some back to your square, you can score them later, after scoring the rest of the balls. Like I said before, it all depends on what you’re better at. If you’re better at grabbing them then scoring them right away, then do that.

I think that either scoring field balls or just dumping them in your square will be the best auton strategy at worlds. In order to guarantee a win, each robot on a given alliance simply has to score 11 field balls, 16 driver loads, and one of them has to high lift the other. Whatever you have to do to guarantee that you will be able to get 11 field balls and score them accurately will be the best auton strategy for your robot. If you can’t accurately shoot the balls in auton then just dump them in your square and shoot them at the end of the match.

You - 32 driver loads, 22 regular field balls, high lift
Opponent - autonomous bonus, 32 driver loads, 18 field balls(40 total field balls - 22 = 18), 10 bonus field balls(no bonus balls scored by the other alliance), 8 regular field balls, high lift

You - (32 * 5) + (22 * 5) + 50 = (160) + (110) + 50 = 320
Opponent - 10 + (32 * 5) + (10 * 10) + (8 * 5) + 50 = 10 + (160) + (100) + (40) + 50 = 360

360 > 320

I guess I need to elaborate on what I said. I am assuming that the 11 field balls will reflect the statistical 25% bonus balls. If you want to look at worst casenario then yes, each robot would actually need to score 2 more balls.