Compilation Error


I keep getting to a compilation error when trying to build this code. Can anybody help me understand why this is happening?

#region VEXcode Generated Robot Configuration
from vex import *
import urandom

# Brain should be defined by default

# Robot configuration code
controller_1 = Controller(PRIMARY)
intake_motor_a = Motor(Ports.PORT12, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, False)
intake_motor_b = Motor(Ports.PORT11, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, False)
intake = MotorGroup(intake_motor_a, intake_motor_b)
flywheel = Motor(Ports.PORT5, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, True)
pneu = DigitalOut(brain.three_wire_port.a)
strLauncher = Motor(Ports.PORT15, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, False)

# wait for rotation sensor to fully initialize
wait(30, MSEC)
#endregion VEXcode Generated Robot Configuration

# ------------------------------------------
# 	Project:      Python Drive Control
#	Author:       Aman, 1388
#	Created:      Jan 13, 2023
#	Description:  Our Drive Control but in python :)
# ------------------------------------------
#this part sets up drivetrain motor config
left_motor_a = Motor(Ports.PORT1, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, False)
left_motor_b = Motor(Ports.PORT3, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, True)
left_drive_smart = MotorGroup(left_motor_a, left_motor_b)
right_motor_a = Motor(Ports.PORT2, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, True)
right_motor_b = Motor(Ports.PORT13, GearSetting.RATIO_18_1, False)
right_drive_smart = MotorGroup(right_motor_a, right_motor_b)

server may be down, we are checking.


Try again now, your code seems fine.
(and technically it’s not compiling but rather running a check for valid Python code)


That fixed it! Thank you so much! :smiley: