Compiler process has timed out on Chromebook

We are trying to download a program from a Chromebook to a V5 brain using the USB cable. This is the process that we used all of last year successfully. This year it is not working. Changing brains and changing Chromebooks does not make any difference. This is the error that shows up each time.

Vexcode’s cloud compiler website recently changed, and this may have re-blocked the connections on a school network. The cloud compiler is used to accomodate for the lack of system resources on a chromebook, otherwise it would be on the local machine.
The compiler and linter are now at and respectively.

Both of these are on port 5637 and are using the TCP protocol.
The cloud compiler does not have a fixed IP, and must be unblocked via URL.

If you don’t understand this, tech support or IT staff will understand this post.


Thank you so much for this information. I will definitely forward this to the IT department.

Do you know if this is what is causing the same issue for the IQ code blocks and the chromebooks? I would assume the address are different because I can see the v5 in both of the ones you provided above. Is it as simple as replacing those characters with iq?

VEXcode IQ - Cloud Compiler Service (UPDATED for VEXcode 2.3.0+)
Blocks / C++ Compiler:
Python Linter Service:
Port: 5637
Protocol: TCP

You can download the VEXcode Cloud Compiler Status Utility to assist in troubleshooting your network’s connectivity to the Cloud Compiler services.

Kind of a fail point, if the school is locking down ports, I’ll bet they are locking down installing programs from VEX.

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Thank you! This is super helpful!

The intent of this utility is for IT Admins to be able to test if the compiler service has been successfully unblocked without having to install VEXcode IQ + understanding how using a robot. The utility works by trying to compile / lint a pre-made program and reports success if the binary / status is returned.

It’s not really meant for end users.

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Also here’s the latest versions of the cloud compiler utility. We’re slated to have these articles overhauled by early next week.


I’ll wait on the updated docs, but something in the lines of a TL;DR for the network admin to see at the top would help. No way my admins are making it to the bottom of that doc, they will just issue the stock GDC “No” response.

Is there some reason you can’t have the cloud compiler on port 80 / 443? Weird port numbers make firewall people unhappy.

Correct. The current article isn’t really as helpful as it could be, which is why we’re updating and overhauling it.

Inertia. The ports that are selected today are based on the internal ports from VEXcode Pro’s internal services and chosen to avoid conflict with users that may have been running web services from their local computer. Thanks to your feedback, I’ll start looking to move these to a standard port in a future update.


VEXcode EXP and VEXcode V5 are now both pointing to 443 as of 2.3.1. VEXcode IQ will be released later this week/early next week with the same update as well.

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