Compiler timeout on Chromebooks with VEXCode IQ

Our school supplies Dell-branded Chromebooks for all students.
We have updated the Robot brain firmware and VEXCode to their latest versions.
The brain (gen 1) is detected by the Chromebook upon connecting via USB.
However, when compiling either block or C++ programming, the application returns a “compiler timeout” error. is not blocked by a web filter and loads correctly.
I have already tried the possible solutions listed in this support article..
Is there a fix for this?

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues, I’m one of the VEXcode developers and I would like to try to help resolve this issue.

I see you have looked at the KB article, and that you have verified that is not blocked. However, I would like to know if you have verified that the cloud compiler service is not blocked by the school. There have been a few cases where the school IT department thinks that they have unblocked the compiler service when it is actually still blocked on the Chromebooks or for the student accounts. the details for the compiler service are at the bottom of the KB article you linked to.

Have you tried using one or more Chromebooks on another network that does not have the school firewall? Phone hotspots are fine for this as VEXcode only uses at most 30KB for a compile request. If it works fine on another network, the issue is with the school’s network. I have only once seen a case where it does not work on another network, and in that case it was because the school had configured the Chromebooks to block the app from any network access on the student accounts.

If it does not work on another network, try going to chrome://extensions/?id=mgneogobocdccfjbdldekbjfdadhncol in the browser on one of the Chromebooks under the student account (or teacher account if the issue also applies there) and scroll down to the “Site access” section. make sure that the “Automatically allow access on the following sites” has the switch in the on position (should be dark blue). if you do not even seen the option, the app has been blocked by an admin policy on the device. You will need to work with your IT department if this is the case

If you are still having issues, can you please submit feedback from one of the Chromebooks? Please make sure you try to download a project before you send the feedback so that we can check the included log data to see where the issue is. Please make sure to reference this post when you submit the feedback.

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