Compiling errors

Hi all, I am having issues with compiling my code for my team. Whenever I compile said code, it just keeps loading metadata for PROS editor, and then if I try again it says “Nothing to be done for ‘quick’”. The error beats me because I had the code compiling before, but now that I am trying to build it after changing nothing, there is an error. Any common fixes for this issue I can try?


EDIT: to make the issue clearer, I am getting stuck with Capturing metadata for PROS Editor... and then powershell goes back to the filepath, therefore telling me that the file crashed (if my knowledge is correct).

(From my knowledge) I believe that this isn’t an error as PROS only needs to compile when something changes. You can read more about it here

Assuming you are using the quick action button, if you want to recompile go to the PROS menu (next to help) and hover over build, then click all.


This isn’t an error, it just means that you haven’t changed anything so there is nothing new to compile. If you have changed something and you’re confused about why you’re getting the same error, make sure you’re saving the code before you compile.


Thanks for your reply @kaelem !

I wanted to clear something up with using the all compile function. When I put prosv5 build into powershell, I would usually get an output saying that the project has successfully built, but when I tried compiling with the method you suggested, the terminal got such on compiling metadata and then crashed - however there was no error message which would usually pop up if there are errors in the code. Is this usual for this method, or is there something I need to troubleshoot?

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Thank you for your reply, ashatoolsidas!

The issue is that I also get the same error upon uploading my code onto the robot, where it says make: Nothing to be done for 'quick'I assume that it must be an error on my end, even though my code worked when I previously uploaded it.

Also thank you for the reminder to keep saving the code, I occasionally forget to do that before building :stuck_out_tongue:

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