Complete VEX CAD library

I’ve downloaded libraries(such as this) that only have parts from a few years ago, and are missing things such as mecanum wheels, or any of the newer parts. Anyone know where there is a complete one available?

I posted a SolidWorks one a few years ago. I started updating mine to include all the newest parts but I’ve been short on time and honestly a bit lazy getting around to it. I’ll probably finish updating mine and have it posted by the end of the season. I know that’s probably not much help for this year… but on the other hand if you’re just starting your design now, you’re a bit behind.

If you are looking for specific products, go to their product page and scroll to where it says CAD & Documents, and there should be a STEP file available for download.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your answer, and no, we are not starting to CAD just now. Just wanting to find updated libraries in order to stop making compromises such as stacking two omni-wheels too simulate the size of a mecanum wheel.

My library is like really broken atm.

Trying to do what I want would take days of work so I kind of just modify the parts I need as I go.

There really isn’t a standard library. It’s up to you to grab what you need.

Everything is available as STEP files. Importing something like a mecanum wheel, changing materials and color, then saving as a part file only takes a couple of minutes.

The standard is jordans library. The one linked originally. Jordan usually has been adding the new parts when ever they were needed. The issue is he has never deemed mechanum wheels to be necessary on any of his robot designs.

How would you import a part, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve tried opening a file like that, but Inventor doesn’t seem to recognize it.

When you click place part. It assumes your using the inventor file type. Change the file type on the bottom of the pop up box. Change it to all file types.

I’ve already converted the wheels to native Inventor format and recolored appropriately. It’s been a while since I’ve touched these specific files, so if they’re not working I can replace the shared files with the ones I’m using on my models.