Completely Solid Mogo CAD File

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Our team, through a series of events that deserve to be posted in the “Don’t you hate it when” thread, does not yet have a field.

We were attempting to cut a pseudo-mogo out of cardboard on our laser and discovered that the mogo CADs we had were all hollow.

This posed a problem because we would be cutting out a bunch of super-thin rings, which would be impossible to glue together into a full size mogo.

Does anyone have a mogo cad that is completely solid? Or otherwise, any suggestions for making one besides just trying to go off the (not super detailed) dimensions in Appendix A?

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You can probably extrude and do some tomfoolery to make your mogo file solid

Yeah this would be your best bet. Fusion 360 has some good press/pull commands and tools. I would try that.

Here’s an old project that never came to be. It that may be useful for you.

I originally had created Team Versions of some parts of the game with the intention of them being easily 3D printed. The rings for example are to be glued together halves that have small holes that are just big enough to fit small pieces of filament to be used as aligning pins, like dowels.

Anyways, I have .stl’s and .step’s attached here of solid body components for the Mobile Goal Top, Mobile Goal Bottom, and the Ring.

Hope this helps! (63.7 MB)