Completely... stripped out? gear

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Should I maybe have to change the intake this was on?image


I can’t say I’ve ever had such a clean break like that. The newer high strength sprockets with metal inserts might be just what you need.


Do you have left and right sprockets connected firmly by standoffs?

If you don’t and sprockets flex/wobble around the shaft - then you may get this type of breakage. I always add standoffs between sprockets.

Also, lawyers for “Cursed Images” topic called and are asserting the copyright on your image. lol.


I did that a lot in tt when the loads were heavy. Hasn’t happened this year probably bc the loads are far lighter

We had it happen a ton in turning point. Maybe because we used a roller to get onto the platform…

That happened to one of the tread sprockets on this monstrosity