Compliant Wheels

Does anyone know of a good vex-legal alternative to frc compliant wheels? We were thinking about utilizing the flexibility for our intakes for this year’s game. So far we are wrapping gears in 8 layers of rubber bands, but I am still unsure if that will be enough flex.

I think the grip matting would be best for compliant wheels.

Intake rollers, adhesive foam, 6” leg wheels with rubber bands, custom wheels with rubber links, etc.

There are lots of things that you can use to replicate the give in compliant wheels.

i’d try zip tieing like 8 layers of anti slip mat to some wheels or gears.

or maybe try zip tieing the vex foam to some wheels

or use a sprocket with the tank flaps

In Toss Up teams inverted the 4" replacement traction tires to pick up beach balls.