Would you guys suggest using a high torque gear box for our two intake motors? Our robot can reliably intake about six cubes but then we start running into compression issues

more torque != more compression

and that’s all I have to say about that


Only use 100 rpm’s if you plan on gearing up your front sprocket for more speed. And Deicer is right. more torque != more compression. I outa turn that into a hashtag.


So or intakes are screwed onto our arms which have rubber bands around the outside on the back of them. They’re able to intake the cubes because the cube pushed both arms to the side and then goes up the tray? How should we add more compression because if we add more rubber bands then the intakes get too close together and we can’t intake cubes

what? the equation is more torque does not equal more compression.


If you want you can add more rubber bands and add a physical stop to prevent the arms from moving further in than you want.


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