Computer not recognizing joystick/cortex

We are trying to pair the remote joystick and our cortex. Sometimes the computer recognizes the cortex and not the joystick. Other times the computer recognizes the joystick and not the cortex. The computer has not been able to recognize both cortex and joystick at the same time.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Hannan,

Are you trying to tether the Joystick and the Cortex together?
If so, please follow steps 1, 2 & 3a of the attached guide.
Are you trying to download code into the Cortex?
If so, please attach a screenshot of the error message being generated by the software.



We are trying to tether them so we can download programs. We have the cortex plugged in with the A to A cord, but we keep getting this error message. Same happens with the joystick.


Please try to download using the USB A-to-A cable directly from PC to Cortex.
See attachments.

Cortex to PC with USB.jpg
USB A-to-A.jpg